Sunday, November 30, 2008

what happens when an artist has too much time on their hands, a blank spot and a pen:

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: TOKIDOKI and all the designs you see here ARE NOT MINE - they belong to Simone Legno. I just happen to admire the designs so much that i wanted to recreate them on the box. Just so you know.

and the dinosaur is just happy. i was going to draw a raptor (like from Jurassic Park) but i have reaccuring nightmares with raptors for some reason (like they're trying to EAT ME) so i figured a cute apatosaurus would do just fine.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

its, guess who it is time! not that i expect anyone to recognize him; he's from (what i think is) a famous band ( i mean, i've heard of them and their music has been used on nation-wide commercials but that's just me) and i luuurrrve them to pieces. pen sketchy because fangirl-ness aside he has excellent facial structure to draw from. (i'm not teeellingg!!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

couple of scraps for today. not much, sorry.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just because it's happy. things i haved picked up from thrift stores/book sales/flea markets over the past three weeks. i love all the weird cute things that came from the fifties (sadly, my house is filled with things like these.)
the bookcase is in this weird, awkward little corner that the extra bedroom, kitchen and door that leads to the back all meet and i decided to make it my super cool corner of natural history/occult/asian stuff. the glass owl is actually a bank and then you have my massive collection of Agatha Christie (which my grandpa gave to me - i think i have nearly every book she wrote, what you see there is only a part of the collection) THEN you have alfred hitchcock books which i didn't even know were around but have enjoyed a lot.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ponderous and slow progress but with dogged determination i WILL get this illustrated. As you can see it's a buttload of detailed work which, surprisingly, takes a long time. As for the awkward (but awesome) size of the paper - 12 X 24 inches long, i can only show you a part of each illustration and in fact i'm still only up to the part where the wolf takes grannies place. Still working out how i want certain parts to look, and, slapping an adult audience label on it for graphic-ness. i'm going with the original story where stomachs get ripped open and there is animal abuse, haha. with a little over a month i still have to get out about, crap, seven more illustrations and get my book project AND (CRAP! i forgot!) get together a study guide for medieval & renaissance class. the unfortunate part about all this hubbub is that all the fantastic ideas i've had since summer get put on the backburner while i take care of this. will try to keep this page updated more often.