Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Book Arts is probably one of the most interesting classes i've ever taken, EVER. To get this image i have up here you have to go through painful labor which ends up being ten or more hours.
This is called a broadside - a large (or small) piece of paper with script and/or a picture. mine is 9 x 12 with a poem from Mother goose's Nursery Ryhmes, The Owl in the Oak. Which is about the silliest poem i've read but i liked it. to make the owl i got a lithograph block (which is like a wood block but made out of this hard rubber stuff) and carved him myself. The type is Bernhard Light 14 and NEVER AGAIN will i think of type printing the same way. whole new respect. to put the type and the image in the bed to print, seriously, takes about four hours and that's relatively quick in comparison to my partner who had tiny, finicky type that we had to keep replacing because so much of it was worn out.
so. er. enjoy because it took a lot of labor.
(i actually printed in two different colors - brown and the one you see here)