Sunday, July 20, 2008

from my ceramics class (hey, i didn't say i was any good)

ah hah a, i love the fish pot. this was a project in which the teacher asked us to make a tea pot (it didn't really have to be functional) and i liked the idea of water pouring out of his mouth and his top fin being removable.

the birds were a reoccuring theme throughout the class and, sadly, not a lot of them made it. i had two big sized ones and about ten of the little ones. only TWO of the small ones made it (i gave the other one to my mother, it was green)
i also had this weird kitchy animal theme going. i had this FANTASTIC slug with buggy eyes but it didn't make it, and this HUGE evil deer with a bulbous head that was too fragile and broke in the kiln as well :(
bad me, i didn't take pictures before i fired them. stupid. so these were the best of the lot. it was a fun class.