Tuesday, January 15, 2008

vacation piccies because i care.

Oh, look, the camera loves me and i love the camera. i wish i could go through life like this. SPEAK TO THE HAND.

Views from the place we stayed at. almost hard to believe i was there. now for me pictures.

me picture from far away. just how i like it. we hiked diamond head (extinct volcano) go me.

hat n' sunglasses me, nice because the hat detracts from my chubby cheeks and my fuzzy Hawaiian hair is not so noticeable.

Hawaiian rainbow me, ohhhh palm trees and pasty white tourist skin.

And finally a lovely Hawaiian sunset.


Katie said...

ARRGH! I'm jealous!!! I want to go to Hawaii!! You look cute and happy in these photos!

Devicat said...

hahaa, chubby cheeks and pasty tourist skin.