Friday, January 11, 2008

Forget that last post. i went somewhere with palm trees and Hula girls but didn't take any fantastic pictures so no cute Hawaii girls for you. I did happen to take lots of dorky tourist pictures so maybe i'll do that for next time. ehhh, i've been getting into a lot of super awesome artists like Junko Mizuno and that Italian guy who does Tokidoki (i even bought one his vinyl toys, bloody expensive but SO CUTE) so my little angel came out as inspiration. i wish i could draw super cute things and people would throw money at me (like 83$ for a itty bitty little bag by Tokidoki)


Katie said...

Wow, I love the face on that girl!! And Junko rules! I saw her at a comic convention once...she was as cute as her drawings, but I embarrassed myself trying to talk to her. I don't think she understood anything I said and had this expression on her face that screamed "please...just go away..." Ha!

Devicat said...

you SAAAWWW her?!?! wow. you should have jumped on her and begged for an autograph, haha. aw, she probably liked you; does she know any English? i love her name - Junko, junko, JUNKO. thats a fun name. i want to go to the comic convention in San Diego someday. or was that where you were? i like all of Katie's new pictures here on blogger and on my space - they sure are cute!