Friday, August 17, 2007

Actually, this is taken from an ad for jam but i liked the idea of a cute girl perched on top of a huge piece of fruit. Will color today. i have happy art news. For my mother's birthday we (her and i) went to Sacramento for the day and being that a looooong time ago we lived there remembered some art stores that she used to visit and went to visit them again. Lo and behold they had.....are you ready? Copic Markers - the mother of all markers. So i bought Copic drawing pens ^____^ i could only afford three though- they are about six dollars a piece. But now i know where to get them other than Ebay or a Catalogue so when i'm rich (someday in the far far future) i can go back and get a buttload of Copic Markers. Sacramento was awesome. Humid and hot but awesome.

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Katie said...

Hi Megan!!! I love your recent stuff! I'm gonna email you soon, so check yer mail! :)