Friday, August 17, 2007

Actually, this is taken from an ad for jam but i liked the idea of a cute girl perched on top of a huge piece of fruit. Will color today. i have happy art news. For my mother's birthday we (her and i) went to Sacramento for the day and being that a looooong time ago we lived there remembered some art stores that she used to visit and went to visit them again. Lo and behold they had.....are you ready? Copic Markers - the mother of all markers. So i bought Copic drawing pens ^____^ i could only afford three though- they are about six dollars a piece. But now i know where to get them other than Ebay or a Catalogue so when i'm rich (someday in the far far future) i can go back and get a buttload of Copic Markers. Sacramento was awesome. Humid and hot but awesome.

Monday, August 06, 2007

this came from...Vogue or something. there was a whole section with really weird and cool outfits. the lady in this one was wearing a dress and hat made out of black feathers. maybe it would look awesome in ink.

Random sketches from different fashion magazines. i've got one more after this. awww, wolf girl. i wish i had ears like that.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Geisha of hearts sketch. random idea i've been thinking of for a while - i have an old pack of cards with some awesome designs and i thought it would be interesting to do a card design with the queens in the old japanese tradition way of drawing. this is my first attempt and its all right but there are things to tweak and change around.

the paper i used was vellum and while its great to use with plain india ink (which is what i used) marker (tria color marker) doesn't really work well with it. its kinda like watercoloring almost - i'm looking for a more vibrant effect. look at the skin - i colored it but you can't even tell. so when i get all four done i'll post em'