Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just the one for today. Not even a finished, purposeful piece, i just felt like doing something in India ink and the curvy, flowing hair ladies of the art nouveau period came to mind. lots of ideas, hardly any time. summer school is keeping me surprisingly busy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The final for Drawing III. For some reason, probably to do with the crap paper i picked up, these took FOREVER to ink in. These are all in prisma color marker. the paper, ARGH the PAPER! the pens reacted strangely with it so it ended up leaving streaks and the colors did not blend at all. the teacher commented (not in a bad way) that it looked like a silk screen print. it does, i guess and it's an interesting effect but i was hoping they would blend more.
another interesting angle that i had no intention of doing actually, was a feminism angle. to me, i just have an easier time drawing women, so i drew women. i didn't want to do models, or a perfect body so i took pictures of totally normal, everyday women without them noticing. which would probably be problematic if they ever realized this but that's a remote chance. it could be a feminist statement but that wasn't my intention.
so. the teacher asked that i continue doing this, and i think it's a good idea. for the summer, go down to the river , take picture of people and draw them. Summer of People.