Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plethora of paintings! part two. ok, these were my favorite ones of the class. the crazy lady one up there was by Yudai (oh, yes of course i took these photos without permission from the artists and they do not belong to me, except for the cool alien chick)
i didn't really know Yudai very well but he made me laugh. especially the flower painting that was termed 'the sperm flower' because the ( what do you call them?) stigma? anther? part of his painting looked like little floating sperms, haha! i wish i had a picture of that. it was a spectacular painting but funny looking.
so right. that's my alien girl up there. there are little details i will add once i get it back later in the summer and i believe the eyes are STILL wet! i was told that mixing linseed oil was supposed to make the painting dry faster and make it shiny and it DID make it shiny but did not dry fast (if it's still wet after two weeks. maybe i used too much)
i still have plenty of paints left^^
i would like to get a hold of some more canvas and paint some more things.

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