Wednesday, May 09, 2007

oh sadness! painting 101 is over! i really enjoyed that class and its hard to believe that's its over. this is my last painting, a self portriat (sort of). i definetly have some problems with it but i think the concept is a good one. it looks nothing like me, haha. and i wasn't able to finish it. the face is done in oil (which is why i wasn't able to finish it and it looks like clay) and the details are in acrylic. you can see the face is still wet from when i painted it on Sunday. i'm going to go back in and put in a great deal more contrast in the face, the fact it looks like a lump of flesh colored clay is driving me nuts!

the alien girl painting turned out the best, even i admit it's kinda cool looking but as it were the teacher is going to hang onto it for the summer to display in the art department. which gives me the fabulous idea of running over there with my camera and taking pictures of mine and my classmates final paintings. there are some incredible painters in my class. i was jealous. i can't wait until the rest of my finals are done and i can concentrate once more on my lovely pen and ink drawings. first i'm going to redraw this in pen and colored pencil and perhaps do one as a king and jack too. fun ideas. ugh. more studying, here i come.

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Alina Chau said...

cool design!