Monday, May 28, 2007

Drawing III, batch two. the more 'realistic' drawings taken from Japanese fashion magazines. they look better up close (click on the image for a larger photo) now these were the easy ones. technically he told me not to draw from fashion magazines but go out and draw real life models. the only thing with that though is i have a problem with going up to strangers and saying , 'hey, you have a weird face, it's cool looking though, can i draw you? sit there for five minutes'. i mean, too embarrassing. so i did stealth pictures of downtown Reno. i took pictures of people without (hopefully) them noticing. i have those sketches but i'll put them up tomorrow or later. i have a complete picture due on wednesday which i'm actually looking forward to doing. the girl from the previous post who had the cute dress and shoes on, looking back - that's the one i'm going to redo more 'realistically' and have her done in full color. it was actually a lot of fun drawing people from downtown Reno, there are a lot of variety. i got this great picture of a very touristy looking older lady who i would love to do in color, and a very cute hippy girl who was wading in the river. as it were i'm doing two or more sketches everyday so i have a lot of material to put up.

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