Monday, May 28, 2007

Drawing III, batch one. ummmm. it's a really bad picture of all of these because i used a digital camera and apparently i suck at photography. scanner-less at the moment so these will have to do. It's funny, the different art teachers you get. Last semester's painting one teacher was very hands on and pushy (like you don't really get to choose what you do; he says draw me fifty oranges, you draw fifty oranges) but this teacher (Drawing III) is very... err.. laid back? I've showed up a total of three times to class in the past two weeks because he says we should know what to do by now, haha. well, this is what i do - people, mostly. cute girls, except the teacher despises cute. so for the first critique he says, i see you have a great Asian influence (curse you anime!) and i need to get away from the cartoony aspect, but my lines are good. so that said -

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