Wednesday, May 30, 2007

People from downtown Reno. there are more sketches but i haven't taken pictures of them yet. Also, i finished an ink drawing, color and all but i'll have to put that up later because i have class in a while. so! more later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Drawing III, batch two. the more 'realistic' drawings taken from Japanese fashion magazines. they look better up close (click on the image for a larger photo) now these were the easy ones. technically he told me not to draw from fashion magazines but go out and draw real life models. the only thing with that though is i have a problem with going up to strangers and saying , 'hey, you have a weird face, it's cool looking though, can i draw you? sit there for five minutes'. i mean, too embarrassing. so i did stealth pictures of downtown Reno. i took pictures of people without (hopefully) them noticing. i have those sketches but i'll put them up tomorrow or later. i have a complete picture due on wednesday which i'm actually looking forward to doing. the girl from the previous post who had the cute dress and shoes on, looking back - that's the one i'm going to redo more 'realistically' and have her done in full color. it was actually a lot of fun drawing people from downtown Reno, there are a lot of variety. i got this great picture of a very touristy looking older lady who i would love to do in color, and a very cute hippy girl who was wading in the river. as it were i'm doing two or more sketches everyday so i have a lot of material to put up.

Drawing III, batch one. ummmm. it's a really bad picture of all of these because i used a digital camera and apparently i suck at photography. scanner-less at the moment so these will have to do. It's funny, the different art teachers you get. Last semester's painting one teacher was very hands on and pushy (like you don't really get to choose what you do; he says draw me fifty oranges, you draw fifty oranges) but this teacher (Drawing III) is very... err.. laid back? I've showed up a total of three times to class in the past two weeks because he says we should know what to do by now, haha. well, this is what i do - people, mostly. cute girls, except the teacher despises cute. so for the first critique he says, i see you have a great Asian influence (curse you anime!) and i need to get away from the cartoony aspect, but my lines are good. so that said -

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plethora of paintings! part two. ok, these were my favorite ones of the class. the crazy lady one up there was by Yudai (oh, yes of course i took these photos without permission from the artists and they do not belong to me, except for the cool alien chick)
i didn't really know Yudai very well but he made me laugh. especially the flower painting that was termed 'the sperm flower' because the ( what do you call them?) stigma? anther? part of his painting looked like little floating sperms, haha! i wish i had a picture of that. it was a spectacular painting but funny looking.
so right. that's my alien girl up there. there are little details i will add once i get it back later in the summer and i believe the eyes are STILL wet! i was told that mixing linseed oil was supposed to make the painting dry faster and make it shiny and it DID make it shiny but did not dry fast (if it's still wet after two weeks. maybe i used too much)
i still have plenty of paints left^^
i would like to get a hold of some more canvas and paint some more things.

Plethora of paintings! part one! first off, i don't have all the names of the artists but these belong to them (and they all did an awesome job; it was a fun class). the funny thing is (and was a sort of running joke through out the semester) was that most of the students were History Majors. um. there's not really a lot to say. er. paintings. moving on.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

oh sadness! painting 101 is over! i really enjoyed that class and its hard to believe that's its over. this is my last painting, a self portriat (sort of). i definetly have some problems with it but i think the concept is a good one. it looks nothing like me, haha. and i wasn't able to finish it. the face is done in oil (which is why i wasn't able to finish it and it looks like clay) and the details are in acrylic. you can see the face is still wet from when i painted it on Sunday. i'm going to go back in and put in a great deal more contrast in the face, the fact it looks like a lump of flesh colored clay is driving me nuts!

the alien girl painting turned out the best, even i admit it's kinda cool looking but as it were the teacher is going to hang onto it for the summer to display in the art department. which gives me the fabulous idea of running over there with my camera and taking pictures of mine and my classmates final paintings. there are some incredible painters in my class. i was jealous. i can't wait until the rest of my finals are done and i can concentrate once more on my lovely pen and ink drawings. first i'm going to redraw this in pen and colored pencil and perhaps do one as a king and jack too. fun ideas. ugh. more studying, here i come.