Sunday, June 18, 2006

ride em' cowgirl! in celebration, sort of, of the Reno Rodeo(which i probably will not be going to). ahhh i know it's a sketch but i don't feel like inking right now and it would be a shame to ink it when my heart isn't into it so i'll post the finished version later. her skirt is going to be blue i think. i wish i was a cowgirl. (although the picture i drew this from it's not a horse but a pony. i like ponies too. i wonder if the neighbors would complain if i put one in the front yard)


Katie said...

Cute! I hope you post the inked version soon. We all want to be cowgirls, right? When is the Reno rodeo? I want to go!

Devicat said...

the Reno rodeo is now! now now! until the 22 i think.