Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anatomy of a sketch (haha, i copied Katie sort of) this is my recent sketchy that i did just because ( i rarely have a reason for drawing; i draw just because i want to draw) So! this first drawing here with the dark contrast is the pencil sketch. i toned it down so much because for whatever reason i never press hard enough when i write so all my lines are very light and do not scan well.
Second! We have the first inking in which i took a #2 Micron pen and went over all the major lines so when i erased all the pencil it leaves a very plain (and boring) line drawing.
Third! this is where i break out all the drawing pens i use. well actually only two: the Micron pens and a Uni-ball pen (which as beautiful black, black ink) and you see the final inking in which i filled in the stripes of the shirt and proceeded to use thin and thick lines, add detail to the eyes and draw in the individual lines of the hair.
The final step, of course, is color but i haven't decided entirely on the color scheme. i know i will make her hair pink but i'm thinking about making the skirt different tones of grey. i like her chubby feet.

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