Friday, May 26, 2006

one of four images that i've done recently for a gallery (that won't happen until August but hey, early bird catches the worm huh?). Retro Hot August Nights. what better then a fifties house wife. well, i hope it sells. i'll put the other three up later on in the weekend.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i took a camera to take pictures of my friends black kitty. it's such a cute, cute CUTE kitty and a beautiful black, green eyed kitty that she inspired me to do these little ink drawings of her. i have a couple more poses i want to draw but these are the first three. the one with the kitty with her head up i'm going to give to my friend for letting me take pictures of Demon (good name for a black cat) still have more drawings to post later in the week.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Because this just amuses me beyond all reason (and pisses me off) All right. A couple of years ago i entered my University's anime contest and spent a whoooole lot of time drawing this. I mean, it ain't that bad looking is it? Completely original, i looked at no pictures to do this (except for the lamp because i needed to make sure i got the perspective correct). I thought i did a pretty decent job, especially since most of the other contestants entered pieces that (politely put) looked like a three-year-old scribbled it out with a pen and colored pencils. Not trying to be mean, that's just how a lot of the other competition was. Can you guess what i earned in the contest? Maybe second place? Maybe first? Ha, you better guess again. i didn't even rank, i think i ended up fifth. Well, all right i can admit it cut me pretty deep. i thought i had an awesome, beautiful picture (and now after a couple of years of introspection i realize that while it may appeal to me my taste is far different than the average anime lover and may put a lot of people off which is what happened with the contest.)

This year i entered another anime contest (i love pain, dont i?) and at first i was going to enter that cute rollar-skate girly but bailed at the last moment and drew up a really (in my opinion) CRAPPY, three minute drawing of a random anime girl complete with vapid, huge eyes. i mean, LOOK AT IT!! it's like the worse drawing i've done in years. it's OBVIOUS i put no effort into it. Guess what ranked in the contest? This is the part that blows me away with life's little ironies. SECOND PLACE. ahahahahaa! with that piece of CRAP!! I'm still trying to figure out what this means. i wonder if i conformed to what everyone else wanted. oh dear, that's a sad thought. i don't think i'm a conformist; especially with art. oh well. for a prize i got japanese candy and a DVD series called Gunslinger Girl (girl robot assassins! joy!) there has been much drawing recently now that school is out (except next week summer school begins for me, haha.) there will be more later in the week.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anatomy of a sketch (haha, i copied Katie sort of) this is my recent sketchy that i did just because ( i rarely have a reason for drawing; i draw just because i want to draw) So! this first drawing here with the dark contrast is the pencil sketch. i toned it down so much because for whatever reason i never press hard enough when i write so all my lines are very light and do not scan well.
Second! We have the first inking in which i took a #2 Micron pen and went over all the major lines so when i erased all the pencil it leaves a very plain (and boring) line drawing.
Third! this is where i break out all the drawing pens i use. well actually only two: the Micron pens and a Uni-ball pen (which as beautiful black, black ink) and you see the final inking in which i filled in the stripes of the shirt and proceeded to use thin and thick lines, add detail to the eyes and draw in the individual lines of the hair.
The final step, of course, is color but i haven't decided entirely on the color scheme. i know i will make her hair pink but i'm thinking about making the skirt different tones of grey. i like her chubby feet.