Monday, December 05, 2005

Black and White proudly presents: Lionfish. No color, haha. I love fish. When I was a kid I had a thirty gallon tank full of freshwater tropical fish that I loved. (even though I sucked at keeping them alive being I didn't know much about fish back then and now I feel really guilty. One of my Tiger Barbs took a flying leap for freedom one time while I was cleaning the tank and I didn't discover the poor thing until I stepped on the remains on my carpet but now, many years later I have read BOOKS on keeping fish and am glad to say something like that won't happen again. That and draining the tank and taking out all the fish every few weeks is a bad thing to do.)

Isn't it funny how the coral looks like a brain? I love aquariums; this particular fish was at the Birch's Aquarium at Scripps in San Diego. That was a great place and I took lots of pictures. It kinda looks like his back end is missing but actually that's just because of perspective; the picture I drew this from had the fish in mid swing so his behind is well, behind him. It was hard getting a decent picture; they are very active fish. Also poisonus.

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